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  • Case Study: Seasonal Farming Connectivity

Agriculture has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. In today’s industrial farms, a myriad of technologies we enjoy day to day in an urban or suburban environment is critical to operations in these farming communities.

For a seasonal workforce, this is exceptionally critical as workers live and work in business-owned provided housing units for extended periods of time. From phone calls home to relaxation and entertainment, the internet can provide access to services that are absolutely critical.

Munoz Network Services reached out to BytePoint Solutions to provide a secure and protected wireless infrastructure design to span multiple housing units able to scale to hundreds of users. With our extensive experience supporting large venues and multi-tenant environments, our engineers set out to provide the best possible solution that would ensure access to these critical services without compromising security. We designed a phased approach to get them connected while on-season and a structured plan for upgrades and maintenance schedules in the off-season to ensure growth demands are met without impacting the existing workforce.

Our strategy included understanding movement paths between living quarters, common areas and population densities during normal and abnormal events (IE, laundry schedules, movie nights, work schedules etc). We also looked at radio penetration characteristics inside and outside the structures to ensure wireless propagation and client-based roaming would not reduce the user experience. Once all physical characteristics were understood and accounted for we moved into the logical space. We defined the IP address allocations and QOS (Quality of Service) policies to ensure that a uniformed experience was provided regardless if there was 1 client attached or over 1,000. Once all the devices were selected, policies created and deployment plans accepted we commissioned a controller for the client to have 1 pane of glass to view his solutions and services on our industry-leading cloud infrastructure that can be managed even on the go.

Munoz Network Services has been exceptionally happy with the results of our end-to-end solution, with system stability increased beyond what was able to be achieved previously, they are currently in the process of creating 2 more living quarter complexes and BytePoint Solutions engineers are ready to meet that challenge.

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