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Jon Newcomb September 2, 2022 0 Comments

High speed internet access for campers, rvers, hikers and other recreational visitors to your site may be the difference between getting revenue or losing it. Today more people than ever view internet access as a necessity when deciding where to vacation. For long-term occupants, the decision may be even more crucial. BytePoint Solutions has a design to provide whole park high-speed wifi coverage to bring your site into the modern age and attract more visitors.

What We Do

Our Solutions Architects determine the needs of your site to custom tailor a system to provide your guests with the best and most consistent internet solution. Our solutions are 100% protected by our active monitoring and maintenance plan. You will enjoy high speed internet access with the confidence of a highly skilled and vigilant network and support team that can proactively protect against and address network issues.

How We Plan

Our solutions architects first define your needs and wants, then design a site plan and coverage map for your approval. Next, we schedule an install along with a broadband internet service (up to 5Gb/s where available). Afterwards, our field support engineers install all the required equipment and conduct tests to ensure operability. Our networking and support teams will monitor and provide ongoing support for throughout the service agreement. All equipment is provided as part of the solution contract and is fully supported by BytePoint Solutions for the life of the service agreement (upon ending the agreement, we will pick up all equipment). We are available 24/7 for support calls.

How We Deploy

Our field services will begin by installing fixtures to your facility. Typically, for a pure wireless deployment, we use galvanized steel pools fixed into the ground and anchored in concrete to ensure stability and longevity. Once the concrete has cured, a small box is mounted along with a 15 Amp breaker to the pad power distribution panel and radio equipment. We will create a telco area in the main office or a building on site to house our transport equipment and your customers will be able to enjoy high speed internet access. A typical install at a modest sized RV park or similar sized campsite will take approximately 6 days.

How We Support

Our solutions are provided to you along with all hardware required. If there is a hardware failure, our monitoring systems will automatically detect the failure and notify our field services to dispatch to correct the issue. Any hardware failures or replacements are completely covered by the support agreement. In the event the hardware suffers a failure due to manufacturer defect, installer defect or “act of god”, you will not see any cost increases.

Additionally, our support teams are available for you 24/7 and we include unlimited free remote technical support with our service offerings, should you need assistance, training or to make changes we are here to support you and your customers.

How You Increase Revenue

We offer a number of different pre-defined packages to help you maximize your profits and create a customer draw. Year over Year, the RV community is growing and the customer demographics are shifting to a younger individual or younger families. The younger demographics take into account internet availability when selecting a recreational site. At an average cost of $1 a day per site, our solution provides you with the confidence that you will reduce your vacancy rates while not breaking the bank.

Our solutions can provide free wireless access to the entire park, or, alternatively, you can sell access either by linking your merchant account and providing internet service packages, selling access tokens or linking your reservation system with our solution to provide access on-demand at the time of booking. Alternatively, we will work with you on a combination of the above or create a custom solution that will fit your needs.

Either by advertising free internet, or by providing access for pay, your customers will enjoy high-speed internet and you will enjoy a hassle-free technology solution that has the potential to bring an alternate revenue stream.

With BytePoint Solutions, we get you connected, and keep you protected so you can get back to work.

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